Buying An Investment Property In Weatherford?

Buying an investment property
Buying An Investment Property
Buying An Investment Property

Unless you have learned to buy houses using no-money-done strategies, a large sum of money is required to purchase an investment property – not only for the purchase itself but also for the down payment. When buying an investment property in Weatherford, here’s what you can do to get the money you need for the down payment.

You’ll need money to start if you’re thinking about buying an investment property. A loan or seller financing to purchase the property means that the lender is lending you some of the money for it. However, you will most likely be required to make a down payment upfront before completing the transaction.

What To Do If You Need Funds For A Down Payment On An Investment Property

If you need money for a down payment on an investment property in Weatherford, here are four simple ideas.

1. Save The Money

This may seem simple, yet many people fail to notice it. Figure out how much money you’ll require and work diligently to accumulate that money. Set yourself a goal or a target date. Write down your expenses and also the money that you saved in order to track things. Also, write down the things that you can hold off for now like going on a holiday. Always prioritize your needs versus your wants.

Saving money requires discipline and there are a lot of ways to save money. Look for something that will work for you.

2. Borrow The Money

You may have limited options for borrowing money. However, you may be able to borrow money from a friend or a family member. You can also borrow from another source of capital, such as a home equity line of credit on your home. Always remember though to make certain that the payment terms are not going to be too expensive for you. You don’t want to see yourself drowning in debt so make sure that the payment terms are something that you can afford.

3. Partner With Another Investor

In order to obtain a down payment, one of the most straightforward strategies is to form a partnership with another investor who is willing to put up the down payment money in exchange for something – such as a share of the ongoing cash flow, a share of the appreciation, or even simply to loan the money with interest. Be sure to select a partner carefully, due your due diligence, and ensure your agreement is in writing to include all details of the agreement.

What is a real estate partnership?

A real estate partnership is a strategy for investing in real estate that combines the strengths of two or more investors into a single investment property. Partnerships are typically classified as active or passive, depending on whether all participants have equal responsibility for day-to-day management. Two or more investors create a real estate partnership to buy, build, or lease property. The partnership agreement, also known as a real estate limited partnership (RELP), may require each investor to be actively participating in the partnership as an equal member.

Although real estate partnerships can take many forms, the three most frequently used are Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), and an S-Corporation. Each of these three forms of business partnership formations, known as “pass-through entities,” provides investors with great benefits.

4. Invest With Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Did you know that you can use your IRA to invest in real estate? The truth is that it’s true – and a lot simpler than most people think. IRAs often hold equities, mutual funds, and bonds because that is how most individuals save for retirement. If you have money in your IRA and you want to invest it in real estate, you may be able to purchase properties using the money you already have in your IRA. Even if you are able to purchase the properties outright (i.e., without the need for a down payment and a mortgage) with the money you have saved, there are other options for structuring your purchase. Once you purchase a property in your IRA, you must ensure all income and expenses for repairs and updates go thru your IRA account. You can not use personal funds to do repairs on property purchased by your IRA. Inquire with us about how you can accomplish this, and we will lead you through the simple process of ensuring that you can purchase properties within your IRA.


Buying an investment property needs a lot of consideration especially since a huge amount of money is involved. Always set your priorities in order for you to reach your goal. Did you know that there are investment property tax deductions that you can take advantage of? Read the whole article here.

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